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Teaching Staff

Senior Leadership

Head Teacher Mrs L Salter
Deputy Head Teacher Mrs M Cleave
Assistant Head Teachers Mr M Evans
Mrs D Shalders
Ms M Brackstone
Mr R Jacobs

Primary Classes and Class Teacher

Tadpoles (Early Years Foundation Stage / Year 1) Mrs S Gough
Honeybees (Year 2) Mrs L Thomas 
Hedgehogs (Year 3) Miss A Lamb
Foxes (Year 4) Mrs J Sinclair
Penguins (Year 5) Mrs E Burrows
Owls (Year 5/6) Mrs M Webb
Falcons (Year 6) Miss B Nicholls
Squirrels (IMPACTS Pathway) Mrs S Samuels
West Borough Satellite Mrs J Hart

Secondary Classes and Form Tutor

Group 7D Mr S Dowling
Group 7L Mr E Lacey
Group 8H Miss C Higgins
Group 8T Mr T Starks
Group 9S Ms T Syrett
Group 9W Mr M White
Oaks Class (IMPACTS Pathway) Miss B Bass
Group 10L Mr T Lawrence
Group 10K Mrs K Ingram
Group 11F Mrs C Foley
Mr M Stevens
Group 11W Mr K Wiley
Mrs J Coleman
Enrichment Mrs R Martin

Curriculum Leaders

English Mr J Sumner
Mathematics Mr A Croft
Science Mrs C Foley
Computing  Mr A Cooke
Physical Education Mr S Dowling
Global Learning Ms T Syrett 
Creative Curriculum  Mr T Starks
Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Ms C Higgins