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Remote Education

Remote Learning

We are ambitious for all our pupils to fulfil their potential whether learning in school or at home.  There may be times when pupils need to access learning remotely and our school is committed to providing a high quality offer underpinned with regular personal support and appropriate technology and devices.  Pupils needing to learn remotely will be offered a laptop for their use. 

All pupils learning at home will be contacted regularly throughout any period of remote learning.  Welfare calls will be once or twice a week.  Door step visits may also be an option.

We aim to ensure consistency in our school’s approach to remote learning.  To share clear expectations for all members of the school community with regard to remote learning and to provide appropriate guidelines for data protection and safeguarding.  Our Remote Learning Policy can be found here.

Remote learning activities are also offered to allow pupils to extend and enrich the work they are doing in the classroom.

If pupils want to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or other Microsoft Office software all they need to do is use their Office 365 login when signing on to .

Remote Learning Tasks

From January 2021, pupils at Bower Grove School had access to online learning and could choose different options for their learning. These included virtual lessons using Microsoft TEAMS,  online learning tasks set by teachers or activities from recommended learning websites. 

After Friday 5th March, lessons will no longer be offered remotely to pupils via Microsoft TEAMS. 

Secondary pupils working at home may work from learning pack 10 to 13 and to access the Learning Websites.

Primary pupils can work from the home learning pack sent out recently and complete any outstanding work from the remote learning pages for their class.


  Learning websites

A list of websites used by our school to support remote learning  and learning in the classroom can be viewed via the learning websites link shown below. From here, pupils can access recommended websites and  software that we use in school to support learning.  

All of the websites require account details to gain access.  Pupils and parents/carers are supplied with these. Please contact . if you require assistance with this.

Bower Grove YouTube Channel

Bower Grove has a YouTube channel sharing our school assemblies, taught lessons, stories read aloud  and other resources. Please subscribe when you go on there!

Homework Projects

Homework projects for the school holiday periods are set at the end of terms 1, 3, and 5. The homework project can be viewed by clicking below.