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Pupil Sickness/Absence Reporting

If you need to report your child as absent then please ring the school office on 01622 726773.

This should be done before 0850.

Where your child gets a taxi into school the taxi company request that you also notify them so that they don't attend your address on the day of absence. 

Please note that it is the adult(s) at home’s responsibility to contact the school on the first day your child is absent. This is a legal and safeguarding requirement so that all parties know that a child is safe and that their whereabouts is known. Home should regularly update the school and inform the school when their child is returning.

You may find the current link from the NHS website "Is my child too ill for school" useful as it gives guidance for common illnesses and infections such as sickness, colds, head lice etc

Further information relating to our ATTENDANCE POLICY AND PRACTICE can be found here: