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2024 leavers have been supported by workshops from NELFT, delivered by Sasha Pay.

Read what Sasha had to say about her 2 workshop experiences at Bower Grove:

#Session 1


We completed two workshops today with your Year 11 students around transition and change.

We focussed on thoughts about change; how the students have coped with change before; their support network and how utilising this can assist with the transition to post 16 education; worry management and problem solving; relaxation techniques and self care. The students were given handouts to take home.

We found that the students engaged really well in the workshop and valuable discussions were had around how the students feel about transitioning from Bower Grove.

The 2nd group were happy for us to come back and finish the transition discussions and workshop as we ran out of time to cover all the content.

One student also requested for one to one intervention with our service for additional support around transitioning to post 16 education.

#Session 2


Part 2 of the transition and change workshop for the Year 11 students focused on student’s current feelings around transitioning to post 16 education. We then went into further detail of the worry tree which is an intervention students can use to understand their choices and apply this to transition and change. The worry tree helps students to deal with type 1 worries which are the worrying thoughts that seem to happen all the time.

The workshop then moved on to focus on the problem-solving approach which is informed by CBT. The five step process of the problem-solving technique was explored with students, applying this to examples of post 16 education scenarios and current thoughts and feelings.

The workshop was well received by Year 11 students, some were able to see a connection between coping strategies they currently use and application of these to transition and change.


Sasha Pay

Senior Clinician & Supervisor - Mental Health Support Teams / Maidstone, Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells Emotional Wellbeing Team / North East London Foundation Trust NHS (NELFT

For further information and support please visit: Post-16 Support