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Remote Education

Remote learning activities are offered to allow pupils to extend and enrich the work they are doing in the classroom. When the school is closed, pupils can find links to the work set by their teachers here.

Home Learning aims to develop the pupil’s independence and can also develop their social skills. Details of Bower Grove’s homework policy can be found at the bottom of the page.

If pupils want to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or other Microsoft Office software all they need to do is use their Office 365 login when signing on to .

Remote Learning Tasks

From January 2021, pupils at Bower Grove have access to the following online learning and can either choose one option or a blend of all the options below.  

1) Pupils follow a weekly timetable and receive some virtual lessons on Microsoft TEAMS from their teachers.  They will receive an invitation for their virtual lesson from their teacher by e mail.  Pupils can access four one hour lessons a day, Monday – Thursday & two lessons on Friday.

Timetables for each year group can be located here:



2) Pupils can complete Learning tasks:  Learning tasks have been set by subject / class teachers for pupils to complete.

At the bottom of each piece of work set is the teachers e mail address.   Pupils are encouraged to supply completed work to staff for feedback.  Pupils will earn positive points on Sleuth for their efforts.


Other Useful Websites

A list of websites used by our school to support learning both at home and in the classroom. 

From anywhere, pupils can access a number of websites and pieces of software that we use in school to support learning.  These are available by clicking on the button below. You will find a description beside each, along with a link to find them.

All of the websites require account details to access.  Pupils and parents/carers have already been supplied with these, however, you can obtain them from .

Bower Grove YouTube Channel

Bower Grove has a YouTube channel that contains school assemblies, taught lessons, teachers reading their favourite stories and other resources. Please subscribe when you go on there!

Homework Projects

Homework projects for the school holiday periods are set at the end of terms 1, 3, and 5. 

The homework project can be viewed by click below: