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Home Learning

Home learning activities are offered to allow pupils to extend and enrich the work they are doing in the classroom. When the school is closed, pupils can find links to the work set by their teachers here.

Home Learning aims to develop the pupil’s independence and can also develop their social skills. Details of Bower Grove’s homework policy can be found at the bottom of the page.

If pupils want to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or other Office software for their home learning activities, and they don't have access to they can download these using the link below with their KLZ Login and Password.

Home Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic

Published in this section every Monday are Home Learning tasks set by  Primary and Secondary teachers. These tasks are set with the objective of ensuring pupils don’t stop learning just because they are not able to attend school. They are set in each subject taught and roughly equate to the amount of time spent on these during a school week.

At the bottom of each piece of work set is the Teacher's email address. Pupils are encouraged to supply completed work to staff for feedback. For completing work set pupils will earn positive points on SLEUTH for their efforts.


Homework Projects

Homework projects for the school holiday periods are set at the end of terms 1, 3, and 5. The homework project for Term 5 is slightly different than normal because of the COVID-19 pandemic and instead has taken on the form of a challenge and competition. 

The current homework project can be viewed by click below:

Home Learning Websites

A list of the school websites that can be used to support home learning and learning in the classroom are on the Online Learning page.