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Bower Grove School Sponsored Challenge -June 8th to 14th

Do you want to join us in making a difference? We are raising money to fund a new school vehicle and every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause. 

Sponsored walk or run. Select an appropriate challenge from below - have fun, keep fit, and make the most of our difficult situation! This challenge is open to everyone and can be completed individually or as a family. Spread the word and get as many people as possible participating. 

£5 for 5K
Walk or run a total of 5 kilometres from 8th - 14th June and aim to raise £5.

£10 for 10k

Walk or run a total of 10 kilometres from 8th – 14th June and aim to raise £10.

£42 for 42K ( A MARATHON!)
Walk or run a total of 42 kilometres from 8th - 14th June, which is 26.2 miles and aim to raise £42.

£100 for 100K ( An ULTRA MARATHON!)
As a family or team, walk or run a cumulative total of 100K from 8th - 14th June and aim to raise £100. Not for the fainthearted! 

We would love for as many people to take part as possible. Share your photos, screenshots from fitness apps, selfies, blogs, and reports on our school Facebook page. These will also be printed and published on one large school display ready for everyone to see upon their return to school!

Get Sponsored and Donate

Due to the current situation, we are not taking cash but are using the school’s GOFUNDME webpage. All donations can be taken electronically by going to:

Bower Grove School GoFundMe WEBPAGE

If you have any questions then please ask via Facebook or by contacting Mrs Sinclair / Mr Jacobs.

Remember social distancing and keep yourself safe.